Danfoss Power Solutions is specialized in providing components and solutions for customers especially in mobile industry. Customer-centered apporach combined with strong technical compentence has always been the foundation for Danfoss.

The product selection of Danfoss consists of various hydraulic and electronic components and systems. Hydrosystem is the only certified service shop for Danfoss Power Solution components in Finland. Therefore we also have the most extensive stock of different components and spare parts for Danfoss Power Solution products. 

Our DPS (Danfoss Power Solutions) selection includes:
  • 70-PVG-VENTTIILIT_1Modular control valves for different drive and work functions. We also do various customer specific valve assemblies in our work shop in Jyväskylä. The assemblies work harmoniously together with DPS joysticks. 

Our selection includes whole valve assembiles as well as individual valves and all other required components such as shock valves and seal kits.

Link to PVG -catalogues:

  • Joysticks designed for controlling PLUS+1 and PVG-valves67-JOYSTICK

Sensitive joysticks enable precise control. Danfoss joysticks have been designed with close attention to ergonomy and the possiblity to do customer specific configurations.

Combatible with PLUS+1® -system

More on Danfoss joystick, go to Danfoss

Gerotor Motors
  • Selection from minimotors (from 8 ccm) to bigger displacements suurempiin (800 ccm)66-GEROTOR. LSHT (Low Speed High Torque) motors for various applications.

Danfoss gerotors have a reputation of being one of the most reliable on the market. Also, the product selection is vast, thus we are able to provide solutions for most applications and needs. 

We have a wide stock of Danfoss gerotors on stock so we are able to answer to most urgent demands immediately. 

Benefits and Features

  • Quality materials ensure long and service free use
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Wide and extensive selection of versions and models which enable flexible design of systems.


Gerotors suit to open and closed circuit systems. Danfoss gerotors are use for example in devices in agriculture, road building, forestry and maintenance .

Service shop

Usually the smallest gerotors are not cost efficient to repair. However, for the bigger ones service and repair can be a feasible option. Our repair service provides a free of charge cost estimate for components, after which the customer can himself device whether to repair the old component or purhchase a new one.

More on gerotors, see Danfoss 

Axial pumps and motors
  • 65-AKSIAALIMaNTaFrom this product range you will find suitable components for both open and closed circuit hydraulic systems.

More information on motors and pumps below, see Danfoss 

  • Closed circuit motors
    • H1 -series & bent axis
    • 90 -series
    • L/K -series
    • 40 -series
    • 15 -series
  • Closed circuit pumps
    • H1 -series
    • 90 -series
    • 42 -series
    • 40 -series
    • 15 -series
    • LPV -series
    • DDC20 -series
    • BD -series
  • Open circuit motors
    • Reverse Discplacement Motor (RDM)
  • Open circuit pumps
    • 45 -series
Steering units and priority valves
  • Together with reprensitatives of Danfoss, we will define the suitable components for steering systems, such as steering units and prioritys valves. We also provide spare parts for existing steering systems.
PLUS+1 -electronics
  • PLUS+1 product family contains PLUS+1 GUIDE- design applications along all the needed steering units, monitors and sensors for mobile system applications. 
Pressure transmitters, temperature sensors and thermostats
  • Danfoss transmitters, sensors and thermostats are most commonly used in various mobile and industrial applications. Our selection includes for example MBS pressure transmitters and MBT temperature sensors. 

407-MBS                         409-MBT_Danfoss                      411-MBC_8100
MBS -pressure transmitters     MBT -temperature sensors     MBC 8100 -thermostats

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