Scanreco’s radio control systems are suitable for controlling machines and cranes. Scanreco’ s devices are easy to control and enable precise and reliable control on applications that demand the highest quality.

The devices have been designed with close attention to ergonomy and possiblity for customer required configurations.

Scanreco’s product selection consists of various control units, monitors and transmitters suitable for simple to complex applications .  From us you also get various  accessories to Scanreco devices, such as batteries, carrying belts and vests.


Scanreco’s components comprise various ready-made ensembles. These packages consist of a transmitter, receiver, cabeling to the valve and other required products (see the image on left side).  

The sheet below presents different Radio Control System (RCS) packages. The content and description of packages is available from the PDF links .


Name of Package   File
RCS G2B Maxi Linear 8 pieces Danfoss AMP/Hircshmann pdf
RCS G2B Mini Linear Danfoss PVG Hirschmann pdf
RCS G2B Mini Joystick (2-aks) 3 pieces Danfoss PVG Hirschmann pdf
RCS G4 Mini Linear 4 pieces PWM AMP-JPT pdf

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